[vc_column_text]Summer is officially here! This is a time for family, friends, and vacations. It is also a time for beautiful landscapes and lawns. Huskie’z Landscaping has some information to ensure your lawn and landscapes stay beautiful all summer long!

Irrigation and Drainage Systems

It is important that your lawn is getting enough water. It is also crucial that it does not receive too much water. Irrigation and drainage systems go hand in hand. With the right setup of irrigation and drainage systems your lawn and landscapes will flourish and be beautiful all Summer. We not only design but install both irrigation and drainage systems for your entire property!

Lawn Services

Mowing your lawn doesn’t take rocket science, but it does take some knowledge. Cutting your lawn too short or not enough can lead to dead grass. To keep your lawn looking green and lush, you should let the professional landscapers handle your lawn maintenance. They know when and how to cut your lawn. They also know if the lawn needs water or fertilizer.

Weed Control

Weeds can easily take over your landscapes and lawn if you are not careful. Certain weed control is dangerous to different types of plants. This is why you should call a professional landscaping company for weed control. We not only know what type of weed control to use, we also know where and when to apply it. We can keep the weeds out of your landscapes and lawn without damages.

Tree Health

Your trees health depends on many different things. The amount of rain, the drainage, weeds, and overcrowding, insects, and diseases are all problems that can harm your trees. With the right landscaping company, you can rest assured your trees look beautiful all year long!

By contacting your local landscaping company, you can ensure that your lawn and landscapes stay beautiful and healthy this Summer.[/vc_column_text]