Summer has finally arrived, and the beautiful weather is here for you and your family to enjoy! Will you be spending a lot of time at your home this year? If so, you should enjoy it to the fullest! One way to do that is with hardscapes. Hardscapes are a perfect addition to your outdoor summer festivities. Huskie’z Landscaping specializes in hardscape designs to fit your budget and property layout!

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces are one of our most requested hardscapes. Most believe that outdoor living spaces are expensive and out of reach, but that isn’t true. We can create an outdoor living space to fit your budget. We can create an outdoor area perfect for you and your family, from essential areas with a sink and bar to more extravagant areas with fireplaces, kitchens, TVs, and firepits. Outdoor living space designs are endless and can be as grand or small as you wish!

Firepits and Fireplaces

Firepits and fireplaces can create a nice ambiance for when you are entertaining or trying to relax after a hard day. Firepits are great to sit around and roast marshmallows and hot dogs, while a fireplace is perfect for watching as you sit outside enjoying a pleasant conversation.

A patio is a must-have for the summer! It is nice to have a beautiful patio to sit on while you grill and enjoy your family. From covered patios to beautiful concrete and stonework, we do it all. Whatever design you want, we can help. We also have the knowledge and skills to add lighting for your patios and decks to ensure you have the proper lights at night!
If you are looking for a hardscape Huskie’z Landscaping is a perfect choice. We create unique designs for our clients and guarantee your satisfaction.