[vc_column_text]Spring has arrived and with it comes spring cleaning and maintenance! What types of lawn and landscape maintenance is needed for your property? Huskie’z Landscaping has some tips to jump start your lawn and landscapes this spring. We want you to have the most beautiful property on the block and it is possible, with a few simple tricks!

  • Hire a Landscape Professional

This is the best tip anyone could ever give you. A quality landscaper is gold when it comes to spring landscape and lawn maintenance. They will not only explain what needs to be done and why, but they will also do it for you. This takes away the stresses of achieving the perfect lawn and landscapes.

  • Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration can help most lawns become greener and fuller. The process is difficult and should only be completed by a licensed landscaping company. However, the benefits will continue throughout the Summer months.

  • Lawn and Landscape Cleanup

After a harsh winter, your lawn and landscapes will likely look destroyed. They will either be covered in debris or water logged from the snow melt. A licensed landscaping company will be able to cleanup your property and ensure your grass, trees and other plants are ready to flourish. It is important that your lawn and landscapes are prepared properly after a bad Winter, with Huskie’z Landscaping, you never have to worry about your property again.

  • Sprinkler and Drainage Systems

It is important to maintain your sprinkler and drainage systems. Over the winter it is likely that your drainage system has become blocked. It is also time to adjust your sprinklers for spring. Your landscape company will be able to quickly and easily adjust and clean your sprinklers and drainage systems so that your lawn and landscapes can grow![/vc_column_text]