Warmer weather and blooming flowers are a signal that Spring has arrived. This also signals the time for landscape and lawn care. If you want a lush and green lawn that your neighbors are envious of, you will need to put in some work. Luckily, Huskie’z Landscaping can handle the hard work to ensure your lawn is beautiful this Spring.


While raking may seem like a simple process, it is an important one. Raking removed all the dead leaves and blades of grass that did not survive the harsh winter temperatures. Raking will also remove any grass clumps that can be caused by the Snow. This allows new grass to grow. Raking should be completed at a specific time for optimal results. Your local landscaping company can help you with determining the right time to begin your lawn care.


Some areas of your lawn may need fertilizer. People who are new to lawns may over-fertilize their lawns. This can cause your lawn to die from too much fertilizer. Contacting lawn care and landscaping professional will ensure the correct fertilizer is used in the proper places.


Some lawns require aeration during the Spring to ensure proper growth. Aerating your lawn is difficult if you have never aerated a lawn before. Aerating is completed by poking holes in specific areas of your lawn to circulate oxygen. If not done properly, your lawn can be left looking horrible. Always call a professional to aerate your lawn.


Mowing your lawn should be done at a certain length to ensure you do not damage the grass’s blades. If damaged, it can cause dead spots or discoloration on your property. If you are unsure how to mow your grass correctly, contact a landscaping company. They will gladly help you and answer any questions you may have about mowing.
Huskie’z Landscaping is here to ensure your lawn is the best-looking lawn on the block. If you need any help with your lawn or landscapes, give us a call today!