Xeriscaping is a type of landscaping that utilizes rock, mulch, gravel, and warm weather plants to create a unique and beautiful landscape. Xeriscaping has many great benefits to you and the environment alike. Huskie’z Landscaping is the leading xeriscaping landscaper in the area and listed below are 5 reasons you should choose xeriscaping over the more traditional landscapes.

Minimal Upkeep

Xeriscaping takes virtually no upkeep. The plants need minimal water and mowing is never required. With an irrigation system, you never need to go outside to maintain your xeriscapes.

Environmentally Mindful

Xeriscaping is perfect for the environment. When the weather is hot, and there is a drought, your plants will continue to thrive. Xeriscapes also help to alleviate erosion in certain areas. Xeriscapes also never need harsh chemicals that could pollute the environment.

Efficient Irrigation

Needing less water is always great, but even more so in warmer climates. This style of landscaping uses carefully selected plants which derive the majority if not all of their needs from the environment right outside your door. The resources and climate specific to Utah. These plants need very little water to thrive. By combining beautiful rocks, succulents, and plants, we create an environmentally sound landscape.

Unique Plants

The plants that are used for xeriscapes range from cacti to shrubs and blooming plants. We create a unique feel where all the plants, rocks and features are complimenting each other while remaining highly functional. Xeriscapes can show off unique plants, all while saving you money on water and upkeep.

Virtually Bug and Disease Resistant

The best part of xeriscapes is that they are disease and bug resistant. No one wants bugs or diseases killing their beautiful plants. With xeriscaping, there is no need to use copious amounts of harmful chemicals. Your plants will continue to thrive during the warmest of weather.

As you can see, xeriscapes are one of the more unique types of landscapes in the area. They are perfect for most residential and commercial properties. With the minimal upkeep and being great for the environment, why choose any other type of landscape?